White Lotus Records


Local Artists


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       Kamala is a music producer and DJ from Bellingham, WA.  Influenced by a wide range of genres, he played in Seattle metal band Confines for four years, all while crafting beats on the side.  In 2015 he went public with the release of his first beat tape and a newly created hiphop collective, White Lotus Records.  As of 2018 he has released 10 more beat tapes, while the collective has grown into a talented family of local musicians. 



        DopeDorado is a hip-hop duo from Ferndale, WA featuring BonesTheArtiFact on the mic and Kamala handling production.  Bones and Kamala met in early 2016 and have been making music together ever since.  DopeDorado is a combination of Kamala's smooth, sample-heavy beats and Bones' amazing vocal versatility.  They're currently working on their debut album as well as a mixtape (both dropping this August) 


Dojo Dwellers


       The Dojo Dwellers are an elusive rap duo from Bellingham, WA composed of members Shotgun Shogun and the mask wearing SCREAM.  With verbal agility and sinister lyrics, they bring a dark sound into the White Lotus family.   Both members have released solo EPs this past spring and are currently working on their debut mixtape, coming this August


Papa Bakes


         Papa Bakes is a New England rapper and singer currently based in Los Angeles, CA.  "I rap to gain a following because what I really want to do is write and produce hip-hoperas. I did one once, Intergalactic Transfer Students. I believe it is the next logical step in hip hop."  Over the course of his career, Papa Bakes Co-Founded Fameless Fam in 2008 and played various New England venues before moving to Everett, WA.  While there, he met Kamala and joined the White Lotus Clan.  Though no longer truly "local", Papa Bakes will always be a White Lotus Member.  He is currently working on a new full length album 'Dough' to be released early 2018.