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Kamala Kaze

Kamala Kaze is a musician and DJ from Bellingham, WA.  Influenced by a wide range of genres, he played in Seattle metal band Confines for four years while crafting beats for local rappers on the side.  In 2015 he went public with the release of his first beat tape and the newly created White Lotus Records.  As of 2019 he has released numerous beat tapes as well as producing full length projects for various artists in the Whatcom County area. In this time, the collective/label has grown into a talented family of musicians from around the world. 


DopeDorado (BonesTheARTiFact)

BonesTheARTiFact is a rapper originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. With over a decade rapping, he has crafted his sound to cater to the everyday man. Bones has always been influenced by mainstream and underground rap, in which, he has worked at fusing the two together. He started assembling rap crews such as "2H8" and "Gritty ENT" when he was still in high school, all while perfecting his flow and structure. After moving FAR North, Bones and his friends released various projects out of his Bellingham apartment. In 2016, he found a home with White Lotus Records and formed DopeDorado with Kamala Kaze. Together the two have released various EPs and projects such as “V.I.B.E.S.” and “The Growing Process”. With a new EP slated for release this Summer, DopeDorado shows no signs of slowing down.


Dojo Dwellers

The Dojo Dwellers are an elusive rap duo from Bellingham, WA composed of members Shotgun Shogun (Kamala Kaze) and the mask wearing SCREAM.  In their lyrics, the two claim to be reincarnations of legendary musicians from over a thousand years ago.  With verbal agility, sinister lyrics, and even more sinister beats, they bring a dark sound into the White Lotus family.   Both members have released solo EPs in the past, but this past Fall teamed up for the first Dojo Dwellers mixtape.  These two undead samurai are currently working on their debut full length album to be released in late 2019.


Papa Bakes

Papa Bakes is a rapper originally from New England. He co-founded the collective Fameless Fam in 2008 and has played various venues across the country including (the late) Harper's Ferry, Great Scott, The Middle East, AS22, The Huntington Theatre, The South Church, Studio 7, The Nectar Lounge, The Crocodile, and a number of public parks. Eventually, his musical travels brought him to Seattle, WA where he joined White Lotus Records. His latest full length release “Dough” dropped this past May and is available to stream on all platforms!

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SCREAM is a mysterious masked artist straight out of the dojo in Bellingham, WA.  His haunting and unique style is said to be inspired by some of the hip-hop/boom-bap legends that led the way, and by his own White Lotus family. No one knows for certain what ancient horrors may loom in the shadows of his past. Do the words truly come from within? Or are they those of another being from some far away place in another time, merely peeking through a tiny hole into the present?

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Vermiculus is an emcee/lyricist/rap artist that grew up in the streets of Spokane WA, until working his way up to Bellingham to further pursue music. In Bellingham, Vermiculus met Kamala Kaze and joined White Lotus Records as a label mate. Since joining White Lotus, Vermiculus has lined up a catalog of music to release and is always working with the label to release more. His style resembles an abstract individuality similar to the likings of artists on Rhymesayers, a lyrical conglomerate of word flipping in comparison to the likes of artists on Strange Music, and a vocal passion that shines through, from a background, metal influence.